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Social Business & Digital Collaboration

23.September 2015 - 25.September 2015
S - Stockholm

Through this premier marcus evans conference we will showcase the best strategies, tools, techniques and technologies to achieve these goals quickly in a consistent and easy way. With our experts, we will analyse and benchmark successful digital collaboration models that allow companies to create a smarter workforce, anticipate customer needs, and improve overall enterprise performances ensuring both organisational productivity and effectiveness.

Key Topics include:                                                                

  • Analyse and benchmark successful digital collaboration models
  • Discuss innovative tools and techniques to achieve organisational and cultural goals in a consistent and easy way
  • Look into best practices of engaging intranet experience for employees
  • Empower the business with a set of tools that enable real time knowledge sharing
  • Create a smarter workforce, agile and well informed to strengthen your business processes
  • Improve overall enterprise performance through social collaboration while enhancing organisational productivity and effectiveness
  •  Anticipate customer needs and build brand loyalty making easier for them to interact with your business and share ideas and opinions


Conference Workshops:

·         Evolution of a Knowledge Management System in a Highly Autonomous Organisation

·         Working Out Loud as a Mature Way of Sharing and Enhancing Processes While Becoming a Learning Organisation


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For more information about the event and to register please contact Constandinos Vinall, ConstandinosV@marcusevanscy.com or visit the website: http://bit.ly/1IIUyZT