Open Journal of Knowledge Management - Ausgabe III/2011

Knowledge Management Beyond Borders:
Globalization and Cultural Identity

Ausgabe III 16.05.2011

Work experience abroad is almost taken for granted. However in international collaboration cultural and language barriers appear in daily work routine every day. In our call for papers we asked: How does knowledge management look like beyond borders? 

The Journal is available as a PDF version under Creative Commons.



Barriers in Intercultural Knowledge Sharing. Learning’s From an International Plant Engineering Project
By Ines Kaps

Knowledge Management in Virtual Communities
By Dirk Langenberg and Melanie Welker

How Knowledge May Be Successfully Developed Across Cultural Boundaries
By Michael Fegerl, Wilfried Wieden

Barriers for an Efficient Management of Knowledge: Experiences From a Southern African Organisation
By Norbert Herrmann

Knowledge Sharing and Cross-Boundary Collaboration in an European Union Social Research Organisation: Is Cultural Diversity a Key Factor?
By Barbara Schmidt-Abbey


Acknowledgements to our Jury


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