Open Journal of Knowledge Management

The Open Journal of Knowledge Management (OJoKM) is an online publication of the Community of Knowledge. The journal awards outstanding German and English articles for the Community of Knowledge. The Open Journal of Knowledge Management is published twice a year.

The Community of Knowledge is sending out a call for papers once a year. A jury of external experts reviews all contributions (peer review). Our jury is made up of experts from divers sectors such as economy, research, and civil society. The Community of Knowledge also intends to set up an open peer review. A selection of the best articles is published in our online issue of the journal and produced – if possible – in a small print run.

Additionally, authors can submit articles to the Community of Knowledge at any time. Our editorial staffs check all submissions and publish the articles later on. Measuring the hit rate for all articles, we present the articles with the highest rate within an additional issue of the Open Journal. These articles do not go through the time-consuming review procedure.

The Open Journal is published under the following ISSN 2190-829X, listed in the catalog of German National Library and in the Directory of Open Access Journals.


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