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Karthikeyan Palanisamy, a results driven knowledge management professional currently works as Manager for Mindtree Limited, India. He heads the enterprise-wide project KM initiative named KERNEL. His expertise includes Knowledge Management Strategy, KM Tools & Techniques, Project Management, and Sales & Marketing. He is an avid participant in Knowledge Community of Bangalore and an active participant in LinkedIn KM forums. He can be reached via LinkedIn and is open to help further on KM initiatives.

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  • Profiling an organization’s experts – Collaboration at work

    10. Juni 2013 von Karthikeyan Palanisamy

    Organizations spend lots of time in finding the right expert at the right time in the right context. The idea of profiling and maintaining an updated list of domain and technical experts has become a mantra for success rather than an organizational process. There are so many organizations who have earned the benefits of an enterprise-wide expert profiling initiative and this article will explain the importance and benefits of the same through a small narrative [weiterlesen]


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