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Organisation: IRC International Water and Sanitation centre

Senior Programme Officer Knowledge Management, Ir (MSc) in Molecular Sciences, physical chemical orientation (University Wageningen, The Netherlands) self-taught in Information Sciences and Knowledge Management. Worked for 20 years for the Netherlands Consumer Association (Consumentenbond) as project leader, product and services researcher, senior finance researcher / section head financial services and information manager (developing a consumer knowledge bank). Special interest in organisational and institutional building, organisational memory, emancipation, empowerment, ‘bottom up people management’ and learning (especially from external relations), network society, user-driven search technology, new (social) media and ICT use, with the emphasis on the 'C'.


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  • Knowledge Management and Communication Strategy

    Case study about a Knowledge Management project at West Africa Water Initiative (WAWI)

    16. Mai 2011 von Ewen Le Borgne, Jaap Pels

    A team visited and interviewed implementing partners on the ground in Ghana, Mali and Niger to document their experiences within West Africa Water Initiative (WAWI). The aim of these missions was literally to find facts, to collect documentation and figure out what lessons have been learned. These fact-finding missions have provided invaluable insights. They have been incorporated in this document which formulates a feasible and practical strategy on knowledge management and communication for WAWI and its successor projects in West Africa. [weiterlesen]