Inès Chaabouni

Organisation: Institute of Business Studies

Inès Chaabouni is Assistant at the Institute of Business Studies.

Ph.D student in Finance at Tunisian University of Economics and Management

 The originality of her thesis lies in the integration of knowledge aspects  beside financial ones. In fact, she is involved in knowledge management of director's board in the firm. Her research  focuses on the impact of the knowledge of the Board of Directors on the value and its financial structure of the company.


literature: Board of Directors: Cognitif approch versus disciplinary approach; article published in "gestion 2000" revue, 2010. 

It focuses on the impact of skills and knowledge of director's board on value of the firm.

Beiträge von Inès Chaabouni

  • Interaction Board of Directors - Capital Structure: Integrating skills and networks

    12. Juni 2013 von Inès Chaabouni, Anis Jarbouri

    This study investigates the relationship between board of directors and company’s capital structure in context of Tunisian firms. Our research paper covers information about 73 public limited companies for the fiscal year 2010. A multiple regression analysis has been used to examine the linkage between the level of debt and board of directors traditional features on the one hand and its competencies and skills on the other hand. Measures of board’s traditional characteristics employed are size of the board, its independence and duality of leadership. However, skills of the board were measured by competencies of directors, its relational network and presence of bankers in the board. Results reveal that the size of the board and its independence positively and significantly affect the level of debt. However, the variability of that is better explained by cognitive dimension of board than by its disciplinary perspective. In fact, there is a positive relationship between the level of debt and its skills and network. [weiterlesen]


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