Guidelines for Authors

Are you interested in writing articles for the Community of Knowledge? Do you have interesting insights and ideas to share? Please contact us directly at

The guidelines below provide information on the conditions under which contributions would be accepted:

  • thematic relevance: knowledge management and related topics
  • preference will be given to those articles which are written in an academic style. Information comes first: promotional contents may be included but have to be provided as background information only.
  • papers can be submitted in RTF, MS Word, Open Office formats or as PDF, image files in JPG, GIF or PNG formats.
  • recommended length: 4 - 7 pages; paper size: A4, from 7,000 to 20,000 characters (if necessary outlined in separate articles)
  • languages: articles in German and English will be accepted.
  • the following should be included in the article: title, abstract (recommended number of characters: 500 - 1,000), complete bibliographical details
  • the following should be sent together with the article: (co-)author’s email address, a short text providing details about why do you focus on knowledge management (a complete vita is not required), self-marketing is permitted, photographs are optional. If you subscribe to our website, you will be able to manage your personal data. Those who wish not to subscribe to this website are provided with login data by the Community of Knowledge. If you require samples, please take a look at the list of registered authors.
  • Creative Commons: attribution is appreciated but not required. Please provide us with information about this.

All articles are reviewed and considered before publication.