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IFKAD-KCWS 2012 joint conference

13.Juni 2012 - 15.Juni 2012
Matera, Italy

IFKADThe IFKAD-KCWS 2012 joint conference aims to integrate two distinctive but at the same time highly overlapping perspectives – micro and macro – on knowledge-based development at the firm, organisation and city levels.


This international conference encourages discussions on three critical dimensions of the development of 21st century – knowledge, innovation and sustainability. These three essential dimensions of knowledge-based development increasingly represent critical factors affecting the value creation capacity of organisational systems of both firms and organisations (at micro level) and cities (at macro level). Therefore, to prosper in the new complex and competitive business age of the global knowledge economy era firms, organisations and cities need to answer the following three critical questions that this joint conference aims to address:

  • How critical knowledge assets and knowledge-based development principles and frameworks significantly affect value creation mechanisms and development of firms, organisations and cities;
  • How to embed creativity and innovation in the planning, development and management processes of firms, organisations and cities to become more competitive in the era of global knowledge economy, and;
  • How to shape knowledge-based and sustainable firm, organisation and city development models to achieve economic prosperity, environmental sustainability, equitable socio-spatial order and good governance

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