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ICKE 2011

24.Oktober 2011 - 28.Oktober 2011
East London, South Africa

ICKE 2011The 2nd International Conference on Knowledge Economy is geared towards exploring the possibilities of leveraging knowledge in order to grow economy in poorly resourced areas of the world.  Therefore, the theme of the conference is about “Leveraging Knowledge to Grow Economy of Under Resourced Areas” This topic seems relevant after considering the deliberations of icke2009 which was held in 2009. In this previous conference it was clearly articulated by speakers that in the 21st Century knowledge is the key driver in growing economy in the world.  This conference seeks to find ways on how knowledge  can be leveraged to grow economy in under resourced areas.  Knowledge unlike natural resources is a resource that is available everywhere in the world. Information and Communication Technologies facilitate access to knowledge in an unprecedented way.    Therefore, what is needed is finding techniques, mechanisms and methods on how to turn knowledge into wealth for countries and especially the under resourced areas.