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ECKM 2011

1.September 2011 - 2.September 2011
University of Passau

Knowledge management has become an accepted discipline within the field
of Information Systems and is now well anchored in the operations of many
companies. Continuing the success of the ECKM conference series, this
conference will provide a communication forum bringing together academia
and industry for discussing the progress made and addressing the challenges
faced in organizations. Building upon existing work on knowledge
management and organizational learning, the conference will promote
interdisciplinary approaches from computer science and information systems,
business, management and organization science as well as cognitive science.
We invite therefore researchers and practitioners to report on the current
state of KM projects, share success stories and failures, and discuss
promising new ideas, tools and approaches that enable organizations to
systematically draw benefit from KM activities.


The conference will be located almost exactly at the geographic centre of
Europe. Passau is close to the metropolitan area of Munich. According to a
statement attributed to Alexander von Humboldt, Passau is referred to as one
of the seven most beautiful towns of the world. Passau is spectacularly
located at the confluence of three rivers, one of them being the river
Danube, the second longest river of Europe.