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eLearning Papers

21.October 2011

The 27th edition of eLearning Papers will focus on Designing for learning. How can teachers develop new approaches to the design of learning activities and whole curricula that takes account of the new complex, technologically enhanced learning contexts?

Published five times a year, the eLearning Papers journal aims to make innovative ideas and practices in the field of learning more visible by highlighting different perspectives involving the use of digital technologies.


The call focuses on learning design. Learning design as a term is being used in a number of different ways, this issue aims to clarify these different perspectives.  Arguably, designing for learning is one of the key challenges facing education today; it offers a potential solution to address some of the challenges outlined above. It provides a methodology to help guide and support teachers in the creation of effective learning interventions and resources, which harness the potential of social and participatory media. Papers are welcome on any aspects of learning design, some suggested areas of focus are listed below:

  • What are the implications of new social and participatory media for education and how can they be harnessed more effectively to support learning?
  • What are the different ways in which learning interventions can be represented?
  • How can social networking and other dialogic tools be used to enable teachers to share and discuss their learning and teaching practices, ideas and designs?
  • What are the implications for learners, teachers and institutions of new social and participatory media?
  • What new pedagogies are emerging as a result of the use of new social and participatory media?
  • How are Open Educational Resources being design, used and repurposed?
  • What are the implications for formal institutions of the increasingly availability of free resources, tools and even total educational offerings, such as Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs)?

Papers of the follow types are welcome:

  • Reviews of aspects of the latest learning design results.
  • Empirical studies and evaluations of learning design interventions.
  • Policy papers and briefings, particularly looking at the implications of new social and participatory media for learning and teaching.
  • Papers on different learning design methodologies and representations.
  • Reports and evaluation on learning design visualisation tools.
  • Reports and evaluations of pedagogical planners.
  • Empirical studies on the nature of social and participatory media, their key characteristics and how they can be used by learners and teachers.
  • Case studies on how learners and teachers are using technologies and associated design implications.
  • Theoretical underpinnings of the field of learning design.
  • The relationship between learning theories and learning design.

Critiques of the relationship between learning design and related fields, such as instructional design, pedagogical patterns and learning sciences.